Shut Up Club is a Rock Trio from Austria, consisting of Benni (Vox, Guitar), Duff (Bass) and Andi (Drums). They bring influences from indie rock and grunge of the 90s and 00s. If you like it loud and dirty, then these dudes are exactly what you’re looking for!

Founded early in 2013, it all started with Duff and Andi when both were looking for something new after the end of their previous bands. Hit drunk at a party, it was love at first sight and the bromance was born. Musically, too, it sparked immediately and the rhythm section was looking for a voice that would make the band complete. A little later, Benni joined them, who was also looking to bring rock and roll to the people after the end of his previous band. In 2018, they dropped their debut EP “Ready Steady” and have been on a mission to rock your socks off ever since.

The last record “The End Is Near” has already hit the shelves, released in October 2023.

Shut Up Club in Vienna